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In Covet, Savannah has to break up with Tristan in order to uphold the promise she made to the Vampire Council and the Clann. Now, Tristan and Savannah are once again on opposite sides of the war brewing due to distrust and some Clann deaths. Add to that, Savannah is coming into her vampire abilities stronger than ever and even her bloodlust is developing. A meddlesome vampire sent by the council is also not helping matters.

In this book, we see more of Savannah's development into a full-fledged vampire as well as her exercising her witch powers. She actually develops more of a personality too - ready to stand up to the Clann bullies. Tristan is dealing with the political ramifications of his relationship with Savannah and between the problems each of them is facing and misunderstandings emerging between them, they are driven apart in spite of their steady feelings for each other. At the start of the book, even I was feeling hopeless for them - she was dangerous to him and his being Clann meant he would have to leave his family. Without giving much away, all I can say is that the ending was a bit convenient - why didn't they just test it out before? Also, I found a few plot holes like how her gaze-daze doesn't seem to work on anybody in this book. Also, how did Gowin resist the temptation of Clann blood? Really hope to see these answered in the next book.
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