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Review: Anna Dresses in Blood
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Oh… my God!!!

Oh my freaking God!!!

You have no idea but I’ve read this book almost in a single night. And what do I mean with “almost”?! I mean that I was in page 130-ish and finished the book in a night. Oh yeah baby! It was 6 in the morning when I finally closed the book and whispered (because I couldn’t scream): “WOW!!! That was AWESOME!!!”

Anyway, moving to the review which is being really difficult for me to write ‘cause I still can’t believe I’ve finished this book. But I’ll try, I promise I will.

So, Anna Dressed in Blood started as a very creepy story I just couldn’t read at night but couldn’t also stop reading. When I finished the first chapter, I was looking everywhere, terrified that a ghost would jump out of thin air and scared the hell out of me. It was such and just the perfect and smart way to introduce you to the book and its content I bow to Kendare Blake.

Cas Loowood’s job is killing the dead. Yah, you’ve read it right; he kills the dead. Basically, he hunts down those scary stories told by generations around the country about ghosts who are still walking among us killing people and finish the unfinished job: he sends the ghosts to where they belong, or where they should be. It’s in his blood; his father used to do it so he feels it’s his legacy to follow his footsteps. But, he also has a reason for killing the dead. He’s planning on re-murdering the man who, literally, ate his father.

Cas is sent off to Thunder Bay after a ghost known as Anna Dressed in Blood. And if I thought chapter one was creepy, I was wrong. His first encounter with the ghost of a young woman, whose death is a mystery, was something rather spine-chilling. Plus, the death of Mike was disturbing… a lot disturbing.

But I admit that the most disturbing bit of the book that had be cringing all over the place was Anna’s murderer. You see, Anna’s character wasn’t as evil as people in Thunder Bay thought. Sure she was a death goddess as Cas named her, but behind all of that was an innocent girl robbed of her innocence by her own mother. And that was revolting and frustrating. Knowing that Anna’s life has been miserable for quite a long time and when she finally takes a step forward to do something to change it, she’s murdered and cursed to remain in her house for all eternity by her own mother! That was simply cruel and had me wished for Cas to kill her mother (even though she’s already dead).

Cas character had me by my heart right in the beginning. I admit I have a thing for guys who hunts down the supernatural, and Cas is a troubled soul with a heavy heart full of sorrow. I just wanted to cuddle with him and let him take all of his secrets and pain off his chest. And then, he begins to have these strange feelings towards this killer ghost, Anna, and you find yourself happy for him ‘cause he found someone to talk to about his job. Yah, it sounds pretty lame but it’s a love which you want to end up good knowing it’s rather impossible. I mean, how can a ghost and a human be together in the end?!

Oh God, I really have to stop mumbling about this book. I absolutely loved it and the copy I have was lent to me by Carla from O Livro que Deu um Pum so I’m saving money to buy this for myself.


This was a good scary book. But don’t go wandering around thinking this is a horror book. It does have some eerie scenes and some gorge and stuff but it turns into a soft romance. Okay, perhaps not that soft since ghosts are always creeping around. But it’s a good book to read in this time of the year with Halloween and everything happening.

Now, I need to have Girl of Nightmares, which is the sequel of this one ‘cause I need to know how the hell will Cas save Anna… like, right NOW!!!
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