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Pivot Point - such a beautiful story!
(Updated: August 29, 2013)
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Can someone please come and erase my memory such that I can fall in love again with this story in 2014? I really have a hard time believing that I will be able to sit still and wait a whole year for the next book in the series.

I LOVE(D) this story. I loved Addie, I loved her friendship with Laila, I loved both love-stories, I loved how fun the writing was and how emotionally invested I got (without even noticing until I fell deeply in love with this book).

The concept is great: A tiny world inside our world, with supernatural people and their supernatural powers and advanced technologies? A girl that needs to choose a path and that can see both futures in the need to figure out her choice? An unusual love triangle, that it is not even that but two swoon-worthy love stories, that could pin you in place reading and reading and doing nothing more than reading? I’ve been having a hard time finding a book to read in the past few weeks, but this beauty here reminds me of why I love reading so damn much!

All I an left to say is that this book has really made my day.
Yes, in fact I had a horrible day and it cheered me up in a heartbeat – it made me smile, it made me dream, it made me giggle like a kid, it made me swoon, it made me hope.. and also it made me hate the brief ending because I wanted so much more. 2014, please come faster!

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