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Hush, Hush was a book I was very curious to read not only because Carla really liked it but also because there were mixed reviews around the net and I wanted to have my own opinion of it.

Truth is, I don’t know what I feel about this book. This was my newest attempt at reading a angel-related book and, despite having enjoyed it enough to want to continue the series, there were things I didn’t particularly liked.

This book tells the story of Nora Grey, an ordinary girl whose only error was falling in love with the wrong person: a fallen angel. Though the first half of the book is Nora being hunted and developing her feelings for Patch, I found it too slow and without any sort of string to pull me into it. However, I admit that after she finds out the truth about her dear fallen angel, Patch, I was more interested in the book.

Patch, the fallen angel, was one of the most infuriating characters I’ve ever met. He was conceited, mysterious, arrogant, too self-centred and so damn irritating I couldn’t even begin to understand why Nora was even interested in him. But then, I don’t recall when, he just caught my attention and, even though he’s still too cocky for my taste, I began seeing him with different eyes. I think I owe that to Carla because she won’t like a character that was a brainless and dull so, when she told me she actually liked him, I think I began to analyse him in another way.

As for Nora, I still need to read another book to have a full opinion of her. I felt like she kept shifting, changing her opinion about Patch – or she enjoyed his company or she was scared of him – but I admired her friendship with Vee. She always felt a hard attraction/chemistry towards Patch but at the same time she kept pushing him away. She was just… weird!

There is something that kept nagging me during the whole book: Patch’s behaviour! Sure he’s a fallen angel and he’s got a bad side to him but he was literally hunting Nora and scaring the living hell out of her. Was that even necessary? If I were Nora, I would have asked for a restriction order instead of being all love-and-rainbows-plus-sex about him. But then again, something about him would have an opposite effect on us. Maybe it’s his angelic side *sarcasm*

Okay, this book was really hard, extremely hard, to rate and this review was the most painful one for me to write. I did enjoy the book, and consequently Patch, and wish to continue reading the series, but I have so many things against it. I don’t know… I need to read more of this saga to be certain of my feelings about it.

Maybe Crescendo will help me unveil these weird uncertainties about Patch and Nora’s relationship and the whole story. But, for a book about angels, I was thoroughly surprised. I did enjoyed the whole angelic part of it specially the end and Patch’s decision to… okay, I’m not telling you but those who read it know what I’m talking about.

I will definitely rate this book 3 stars and continue the series despite my dubious feelings about it.
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