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I was hesitant to read this book since I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman and I didn't enjoy that one at all. Therefore I got this book from the library thinking that if it was just as bad I wouldn't have wasted my money. Although my book-intuition was telling me that I was going to love this book and regret not buying it, I still got it from the library. And boy was my book-intuition was right. I loved this book!

The characters in this book were real and I could relate to Allyson. She has a kind heart and always follows the rules except when she runs off to Paris with a boy she just met for just one day and further along in the story she starts to rebel even more. Her rebellion doesn't seem like a rebellion, it's more like she is sticking up for herself. When it comes to Willem I find that he is a big mystery which keeps you wondering what is going to happen. When she wakes up and he's gone it raises all kinds of questions throughout the book.

When Allyson wakes up and Willem is gone she goes through a period of heartbreak which is normal but it seems a little daunting when you're reading it. Until she finally decides to do something about it. I loved reading about her travels in the book and I loved reading about how with each step she found another piece of herself.

This book is beautifully written and has a beautiful story. This book will keep you hanging on until the very last sentence of the book and even then you'll be left with wanting more. I cannot wait for the next book (which is from Willem's point of view) to come out later this year. I can say that I will be buying that one and I will end up buying this one eventually as well since I can see myself re-reading this book.
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