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Ehhh…what to say about this book? First of all, it reminds me of Elemental series which I didn’t like. It was a little bit better, but still not good enough.

I wanted to start this year with a paranormal novel since I haven’t read one in ages. They usually end up disappointing me. There aren’t many PRN novels I enjoy. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up and a lot of tricks authors use don’t work on me any more.

As the blurb tells you, Anna runs with ‘altered’ boys after they escape from secret agents. She has a crush on Sam who is a leader of the group. Other boys are Nick, Cas and Trav. Nick is as I put it like a grumpy old grandpa; Cas who is offering a comic relief and is always hungry and Trav, Anna’s best friend who has a photographic memory.

There aren’t many boring parts of the book except the start but the story was way too predictable and had a lot of holes. I wasn’t fond of the number of killings in it. Way too many people died like it was no big deal. The mole was so obvious and I knew who would get shot from the start.

Romance was not believable and I didn’t see why should Anna and Sam be together. Sure he was tough and very protective towards his friends. But all in all, nothing new.

What I did like about this book were the characters- Nick and Cas and that amazing cover. Cas was a goofball and Nick was there sort of like my representative. He would say the things I felt. The cover was eye catching and the tattoo on Sam’s back has a lot to do with the storyline, though when I found out what it represented I thought it was a little bit too much.
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