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So,I think all of my friends already know how much I love road trip books and I was really happy when I got an ARC. But Wanderlove is not a road trip it's a travel book with backpacks. I never this kind of book and on top of that you get Ms.Hubbard's sketches. How awesome is that?

It usually doesn't take me this long to finish a book but I struggled through the first half. I really wanted to love it because so many people are enchanted with Wanderlove. Don't get me wrong,I enjoyed reading about all of these different places so much I actually consider about boarding a train through the whole Europe next year. I know this is not the same thing but I am too much of a chicken to actually go backpacking even though I know some people who say it's perfectly save if you do your research well.

Bria is a likable character. She is an artist who lost the faith in her skills because of her jealous (ex)boyfriend. Bria is no different than any other teenager-she doubts in the things is she good at and feels like no one understands what she is going through. It is easy to relate to her. She seemed more real reading about her interaction with Rowan.

Rowan was a bad boy and now he is running from his past. But so is Bria. And that is the reason they are perfect for each other.

Favorite quote: I need to stop blaming them(parents)for not asking the right questions when I could have volunteered the answers at any time.
It was like she was talking about me.

This book truly was inspiring and made me want to go on an adventure just like Bria.
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