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Richelle Mead is my Vampire Queen
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Bow to the Vampire Queen Richelle Mead! She did something I didn't expect at all. She made me love Sydney. I liked her before but after reading those steamy scenes with Adrian she showed me she is capable of changing. Her awkwardness and coldness made me laugh at loud a couple of times and that made think Richelle sure knows what she's doing. I don't even miss Rose that much. I know! Blasphemy!

Bloodlines wasn't my favorite book, The Golden Lily made up for that and finally The Indigo Spell continued on the right direction. I wasn't blown away because nothing monumental happened,except for the kissing scenes which were spectacular. Man, Adrian sure puts up with a lot. Sydney keeps kissing him and then acting so defensive later,like it's forbidden and wrong. That is the only thing that I didn't like about her.

My bb Adrian is amazing as always. He is so protective, 'manly and brave' as Sydney says. He is honest with Sydney from the start and is not going to give up them. He is also attending his art classes and even gets into a fight with Marcus because of her. *sigh* He looks great in a tucks and his hair is perfectly styled. He doesn't need to be a guardian to kick some serious ass. *double sigh*
Eddie, Jill are even more irrelevant in this novel while Angeline is (always) up to no good. I have no idea how they can put up with her crap because she can't stay out of trouble even for a day. There's always something happening in her life, even if we don't know it at first. Jill toned down her moping and whining and actually starts giving great advices to Sydney. She probably got tired of Sydney jerking Adrian around so much, just like I did.

There's also a new 'character' in The Indigo Spell. His name is Hopper and he is amazing. Don't want to spoil everything/anything.
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Sydney, Adrian
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