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(Updated: August 06, 2013)
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What I Loved:

McEntire is back with her feisty, witty, and at times wildly inappropriate characters. This time, there's a new girl in town, Hallie, and she's not the type to sit at home quietly and behave herself. In fact, she's even harder to handle than Kaleb, and for those who've read the first two books, you know that's saying something. Dune, one of the Hourglass members, has the pleasure of finding just how feisty Hallie is when he meets her in New Orleans. From there, it's nothing but non-stop action and non-stop swoon.

In INFINITYGLASS, we get both Dune's and Hallie's points-of-view, which is a change of pace from previous Hourglass novels. Hallie's chapters have a Jennifer Garner in Alias vibe as we follow her on one thrilling heist after another. She's badass and scary smart, not to mention an amazing dancer, but she also has a hardcore geek side, just like Dune. Once the two meet, the stakes ratchet even higher. Dune has been searching for the Infinityglass for years. He knows it's the key to reversing all the damage done to time, but as he starts to fall for Hallie, his intentions regarding the Infinityglass are compromised. Their relationship, the care they have for each other's wellbeing, and the sacrifices and choices they make, had me on pins until the very end.

What left me wanting more:

Why does this have to be the last Hourglass novel? This is the type of series I'd keep reading as long as McEntire had stories to tell. Each one has been fast-paced, romantic, SMART, and best of all -- hilarious. McEntire has a gift for humor, which makes these books fast, entertaining reads. There are so many stories left untold: Ava's tortured past with Jack, Lily's escape from Cuba with her family, Nate's time-related ability, and what about Michael? Where's my book from Michael's point-of-view?

Final Verdict:

I'm thoroughly sad this series is over, but what an ending, my friends. What an ending!

Good Points
- THE EPILOGUE!! My absolute favorite part in Infinityglass. It's like waiting after the credits during a film and getting one last perfect, amazing scene. The last line. GAH!

- For readers who enjoy a heaping dose of kissing with their science fiction ;-)
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