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Intense, Realistic, Heartrending Look at First Love
(Updated: August 05, 2013)
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What I Liked: There really is nothing quite like falling in love for the first time and Lauren Myracle captures all of the feelings - the good, the bad and the insecure. Wren and Charlie both have issues to deal with but neither of their situations felt too dramatic nor over the top which was nice. I LOVED Charlie's family dynamic as well as Tessa and Wren's friendship, both of which were portrayed in a positive light.

What Left Me Wanting More: The ending. The "scene" before that left me reeling and to have it end the way it did seemed extremely unfair to me as a reader. There were some choices made that I felt were irresponsible too.

Final Verdict: Intense, realistic, heartrending look at first love.
Good Points
Charlie's family dynamic was portrayed in a positive light, which was refreshing.
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