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(Updated: August 04, 2013)
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After learning that she and Mirabelle are a lot closer that cousins, Isabelle Scott has to face that "uncle" Bill is so not her uncle anymore. With Cotillion around the corner, there are initiations that mirror your common sorority, along with dinners and banquets and lessons that makes Izzie feel like an outsider more than ever. Izzie and Mira bond over this experience, and begin to act like true sisters that are extremely mad at their father. Savannah Ingram is as mean as ever, although there is a surprise twist that had me wondering.... And I also think that Savannah is on the cover as well, although I thought the model could make a pretty good Izzie. Mira and Izzie are also having boy problems... Izzie with Brayden and Mira with Kellen. Izzie needs Brayden to start to stand up for her around his mother, and to face the fact that she won't wait around for ever while he is at dinners with the Ingram family and being Savannah's dance partner at practices for cotillion and maybe date for cotillion. Mirabelle just needs Kellen to notice her as girlfriend material and to ask her to cotillion, even though he said it is not his style. Amidst all this drama and deceit, Izzie and Mira's election is looking grim... It seems as someone seems to know things that no one else could possibly know... Like Mira's painting about her family, and Izzie and Mira's joking that they wished they were adopted, and circulation that Izzie is not really senator Monroe's daughter... Also, grams seems to call Izzie as someone called Zoe... The cliff hanger at the end explains who she is and had me buying the next book, the grass is always greener at 2 am!
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