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Hot dog!
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Need to start the second book!
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That was really great, a new idea. Liked the characters, the plot.

Admired the friendship that Mal & Alina shared. Both coming from war torn countries having this bond that couldn't be broken even when they were separated.

Liked Alina's character. She goes from being an orphan, somebody that wasn't wanted, to suddenly being wanted by everyone. Good or bad. In a way evolves throughout to book to finally embrace who, or what, she really is. Having to decide between saving the world or to help destroy it.

The Darkling (for some reason kept picturing "The Jew Hunter" from "Inglorious Bastards.") was an interesting character. He used his powers to get what he wanted from everyone. Went from somewhat of a nice guy to an evil mastermind. Crazy, but I liked him!

Can't wait for the second one!
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