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Layered and exciting 2nd book of a series with an awesome and dangerous female main character.
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Given it has been a bit from reading Throne of Glass, honestly all I remember was that I loved it, Celaena was kick ass and I adored her, and there was a love triangle that I liked and I think I was rooting for the underdog. All my recollection from before I began, but it quickly came back to me.
Celaena is tough, smart and witty, and I admired her. She goes about everything in such a calculated manner, and she has this ability to see and treasure the good, and have no limits for injustice. I couldn't believe but thought it was exactly like her in the ways that she was defying the king. I knew that she was walking a very narrow road, but admired her all the same. I honestly had forgotten about the Elena theme from the last one, but it also emerged in this one, and I enjoyed that storyline as it challened Celaena even more.
I loved Chaol even more in this one. It is becoming apparent to even Dorian how much he cares for Celaena, and he can't stand it when she is off on the dangerous missions for the king. He wants to protect her and wishes that the line drawn by his position and hers wasn't there. But I lived for their stolen moments, of how steamy it can even be for him to just hold her. It is touching how he cares for her so much he just wants to throw caution to the wind, but I am glad that he is smart about it.
Dorian was present in this one, but thankfully wasn't really a factor into the triangle like in the first, but he is there as a friend to Celeana when she needs one the most. He stepped up in many ways, but still has a long way to grow as royalty. But he is harboring a secret in this one that I had no inkling would happen, but it means big things.
I will say that Sarah almost made me cry, and def shocked me at some of the turn of events that happened. There were so many twists in this one, things that I never saw coming, and that I am still even at the end, not sure exactly what the implications will be but I know that I can't wait to find out. The climax and ending left me breathless and wanting more from this beautifully written novel with so many layers.

Bottom Line: Layered and exciting 2nd book of a series with an awesome and dangerous female main character.
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