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(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperTeen and Edelweiss.)
17-year-old Annaliese has been missing for over a year, and most people believe her to be dead, when suddenly she is found.

But Annaliese isn’t Annaliese. Not really, and not just because of the trauma. No, Annaliese is really someone else living inside Annaliese’s body, only she can’t remember how she came to be there, or what she really is. All she remembers is the cloying taste of blood, and that she only has until her 18th birthday to figure things out.
Who is the girl inside Annaliese? What happened to the real Annaliese? And when will this impostor remember who and what she is?

This was an interesting mix of paranormal and mystery, although I wished that the answers would have come quicker!

The impostor – who came to call herself ‘Anna’ was quite a mixed up character. She knew that she wasn’t Annaliese, but she didn’t know who she actually was. She referred to Annaliese’s parents as ‘the mom’ and ‘the dad’ because she was so sure that they were not her parents, and didn’t even want to wear Annaliese’s clothes because they didn’t feel like they belonged to her.
I felt a bit sorry for Anna in this respect because if I had been her I would have been seriously confused as well. It was so difficult for her to get along knowing that she wasn’t who she appeared to be, and not knowing who she really was, especially when it seemed that she must be some sort of a monster.

The storyline was mainly concerned with the mystery of who and what Anna was, and what would happen on her 18th birthday. I did like the mystery aspect of the story, but I thought that the pacing was just a little too slow, and the answers too long in coming. While hints were dropped, it seemed to take forever for the plot to move along, which got pretty annoying and made me less enthusiastic about this book than I expected.
The ending was okay, and I think I understand what happened, I’m just not sure that the ending was that satisfying. Maybe it was just because the book seemed to drag that made the ending feel less worthwhile after the 400+ pages it took to get there, or maybe I just wanted a different ending, but I didn’t really feel that Anna got a happily ever after.
Overall; an interesting YA paranormal/mystery story.
7 out of 10.
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