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A Tale of Two centuries, the sequel to My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, takes the story forward with Alessandra, who at the end of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, had arrived at Cat’s doorstep, all the way from 1507. In that year, Less has become 16 years old, and is awaiting a suitor for marriage. Her hopes shattered when the gentleman she had set her eyes on marries someone else, she wishes on the fates to have an adventure like her cousin-many-times-removed Cat had; and she gets her wish.

Now in the 21st century, Less is challenged with bizarre clothing, customs, technology and an infuriating gorgeous guy who goes by the name of Austin. While she is acclimatizing to the new century and hoping to fulfill the goal for which she traversed time, she grows into a new woman. The desires and aspirations which were thought to be inappropriate in her time, she can now follow them here in this century. She can pursue her goal of becoming an actress and at the same time, find what is means when you follow your own heart. Also on her agenda is playing Cupid to Cat and Lucas (Lorenzo’s doppelganger/descendant) in order to make her cousin realize that sometimes moving on is the best course.

I found A Tale of Two Centuries quite an improvement from My Super Sweet Sixteenth century. The romance was cute, and I loved Austin. Compared to Lorenzo and Cat’s romance in the previous book, Less and Austin’s seemed more substantial. Of course, Cat and Lucas were cute, too – but Cat was a bit irritating with all the guarding-my-heart. I get it, her mom casts a long shadow – but she is her own person; she can make her own decisions. The moments between Cat and Less were special too – their bonding, the hilarious shopping scene (I laughed so much at the thong and corset scene), the way those two look out for each other even though they aren’t real sisters (trust me, it seems like they are at times).

I would definitely recommend A Tale of Two Centuries for those who would like a light, sweet read. It sure helped my mood – 6 weeks of no sun can really dampen one’s spirits. Perfect for a beach read.
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