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It's a Crewel World for a Woman or a Girl
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Overall, an enjoyable sci-fi, dystopian YA debut novel with a fresh idea and good execution. Not anything above and beyond the norm though. I wasn't 'wowed'? by it's awesomeness.
Good Points
I had never thought of the possiblity that someone could weave the fabric of space and time, to keep reality running smoothly. It's a very original idea and the execution was beautifully done. I did feel that Adelice was a bit bland as a heroine, but the novel was character driven in a way that a lot of dystopians (even sci-fi oriented ones) are not. I LOVE a character driven novel. It sucks me in and gets me involved, making me care what happens. In the novel, women are second-class citizens and oppressed beyond belief. They really only have two viable choices - marriage or to become a Spinster. I loved that Adelice didn't just give in to their demands and bribes after they'd destroyed her life and left her with nothing. The relationships with Jost and Erik were very different and it was easy to tell which was the more real of the two. I can definitely say I was NOT expecting the revelation at the end of the book about how they were connected to each other.
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