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Young Adult Fiction 5387
What's Behind Door Number Three?
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Overall, a fun and well-written mystery/romance that I would recommend to fans of time travel and alternate realities. I will definitely be reading the next one in the series! :)
Good Points
This was an extremely interesting book. I loved the fact that Addie could search into the future and DECIDE which choice to make based on the outcomes. Usually in fiction, if a characters has a time travel/alternate dimension related ability, they can't use it to make their future different in any way. Addie is able to bypass that stifling rule and do things her own way. The relationships she has with her parents and best friend, Laila, are very well developed and highly realistic. I loved the snarky comments and the rebel hair-streaking in the reality where she chooses her Mom. The romances with Duke and Trevor, respectively, were both carried off perfectly. Only at the end do you realize that one of them has been playing Addie and using her for their own purposes.
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