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(Updated: July 20, 2013)
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C.J. Omololu first introduced readers to her spin on reincarnation with Transcendence. I loved the unique twist and how the author shows us Cole struggling to come to terms with the fact that she's lived other lives in the past.

In Intuition, Cole is coming to terms with the fact that she's Akhet, and has lived other lives. She's totally in love with Griffon. Then someone from one of her past lives reappears, expecting her to continue their love story that was cut short centuries ago. Add to that other complications that has her questioning everything including her place within the Akhet plan.

Loved this story so much! I'm a huge fan of reincarnation stories. I love to be able to see glimpses of other lives during other centuries. A huge plus in this sequel is how the author weaves in the backstory and visions so effortless that you remember what happened in book one without having to reread it. Kuddos for that!

I loved following Cole and Griffon. What can I say? Griffon is totally adorable. I did get kind of upset at him midway through the book but understand his decision was totally a 'guy' thing. When Drew, a guy from Cole's previous 15th century life, shows up and expects her to continue on with their romance? I could empathize with her conflict. She knows that she loved Drew many centuries ago but the love she feels for Griffon is now. I totally love the whole idea of free choice. Let's just say I applauded Cole's decision when she arcs.

This isn't just a romance story but rather a suspenseful adventure where someone tampers with the whole Akhet thing with tragic consequences. Cole has to put aside her conflicts if she wants to help others around her. And there's a huge reveal that totally took me off guard. Love that!

Past lives mixed with mythology and a paranormal element. A very satisfying follow-up to Transcendence. A must read series for fans of paranormals with twists and turns throughout.
Good Points
1. Past lives meets mythology with a paranormal element
2. Love unique spin on reincarnation
3. Great voice
4. Love how not everything is set in stone
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