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The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
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You guys, this book gave me ALL the feels. I felt so depressed about so many things, happy about so many things, and the love scenes gave me all the mushy feelings. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried about all the hype and the plot, but it exceeded my expectations.
What I loved most about this book was the realism of it.The situation Caymen and Xander are in is a very real life situation. Especially in today's society. It breaks my heart that there are really people that have simple concerns about this kind of thing in their love life. As my mother drilled into me for as long as I can remember, "you can't help who you love. It shouldn't matter about gender, race, society class, or any of that stuff. All that matters is that you're happy." You may not have many things in common, but if that person makes you happy and you feel that they can continue that, why short yourself because of something that small. *gets off soapbox*
Anyways, on to Xander. Gah, be still my heart! He is someone that thinks like me. Love whoever you want. And he did it all with no worries or regrets. He just let it happen. And he was so swoony the entire time. I fund myself rooting for him since the very beginning. I have found a new book boyfriend for sure.
I actually didn't like Caymen though. She had so many assumptions and what felt like regrets about everything. I honestly got a little tired of her dry humor too. Sometimes it wasn't exactly funny, just eye-roll worthy.
But when you put the two of them together, I fell in love with Caymen and Xander. They made the cutest couple and their love felt so real. It didn't feel rushed or anything, it just went at the perfect pace. Especially with so many of the things they had telling them not to be together.
Although there were some things that bothered me about this story, I know they were necessary. Without those things, the story would really be nonexistent. So with that being said, the flaws in this one helped it to become such a great read.
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