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It's always difficult to write a review for the end of a series I enjoy whether I loved it or hated it. Endlessly lies somewhere in the middle leaning towards the side of loved.

Most likely, my mood affected my reading experience, but I felt almost like I was growing apart from the series. I found Evie more annoying than endearing this time around and while Lend was kind and good, same as always, I was on Team Reth for the most part. Not that Evie ever considered him like that or anything, but I rather liked him anyhow.

The flow of the story was well done. I breezed right through it and it felt neither rushed nor sluggish. The only time it felt a little off was when they were going into the Realms to get to the Dark Queen. I just remember thinking "this feels like we're getting ready for the end...but I'm only 1/3 of the way through." In the end, it worked out, and was a rather interesting encounter.

I have a terrible memory when it comes to books. I know, it's sad. I didn't remember who Vivian and Jack were right away. I think that helped endear Jack to me a bit more. Evie and Lend kept making references to his past bad deeds, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what he'd done. So I ended up adoring his amusing, candid ways.

I really enjoyed the ending. White didn't disappoint with her descriptions of the other realm. I wanted to spend even more time with it because it was just so lovely to read about.

The Nutshell: While Endlessly doesn't make my top series' finale list, it was still a good ending for the series. Weirdly, I enjoyed many of the side characters more than the main ones, but so it goes. I loved that the flow was nice and easy. The story moved from one thing to the next easily and I ended up reading it much quicker than I normally would a book that size.

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