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The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda is a seriously intense and mind-screwing book.

I spent a good 50 pages or so trying to decide WHAT paranormal creature I was dealing with in The Hunt. I mean, vampires – they drink blood, hang from ceilings, fear sunlight, etc. But in The Hunt, these creatures also scratched their wrists when they found something humorous and other wacky things like that and it threw me for such a loop. And hepers! Humans were called HEPERS. I just. It blew my mind.

Basically, Andrew Fukuda does an AMAZING job of world building. And story-telling. The Hunt was so intense and action-packed, and also hurrah, a male protagonist!

I really enjoyed the protagonist, Gene. In his position, I would definitely lay on the ground and say “Come and get me, vamps!” But Gene was so brave and alone and a freaking survivor. And kind of a badass.

But, other than the crazy cliff-hanger ending, there was a bit of The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda that I thought ended up being slightly predictable. Not enough to ruin the story, but it was definitely something I was aware of while reading The Hunt.

Oh, and did I mention the crazy ending? What a cliffhanger!

Guys, if you’re looking for an intense and paranormal and dystopianish book, definitely check out The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda. While The Hunt was not the perfect fit for me, Andrew Fukuda does a great job with the world-building and the storytelling.
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