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If I had to describe this book in two words, they would be 'rich' and 'vivid'. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is literally alive with the lush settings and characters. There are two distinct races - the Seraphim and the Chimaera, the 'angels' and 'demons'. We have Karou, a seemingly ordinary 17 year old girl, who run errands for Brimstone. She is an artist and that was the first thing that made me like her. Extremely badass, she is not your typical innocent YA heroine. Then we have Brimstone, the apparent magus of the chimaera. Throughout the book, he appears gruff and strict but towards the end you realize he is loving and compassionate. There's also Akiva, tortured by his past and hungry for vengeance. The dynamic between Akiva and Madrigal was slow to develop but it was so beautiful.

This book was so beautiful to read that I now feel like hearing it one again in an audio book version. I never read as audio books, mostly because I like to actually 'read' it. But this is one book I think will be enchanting to re-read on audio
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