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I absolutely LOVED Dearly Departed but...
this book was a disappointment.
NOT that it was bad!
It was just that at least 75% of the time the book was, well, boring.
Here's a little bit of a refresher to what happened at the end of Dearly Departed:
So the zombie apocalypse is (partially) over and the dead & the living will, hopefully, be able to coexist (thanks to the vaccine!). But, of course, everything cannot be all happy and dandy!
Things corrupt when a zombie bites a few people during a riot...
and they come back as zombies.
The obvious intention of the vaccine was to prevent people from becoming zombies but this makes people question:
Is the vaccine safe? Can it really protect us? Is there a new strand of the disease?

And all of this continues onto THIS BOOK, Dearly Beloved.
When people begin to question these things.
Add in the... ummmmmm... rivalry? between both the living and the dead (which seemed to be the main focus of the book).
As I mentioned before, this book was pretty boring.
This book was mostly made up of our bad guys making their evil plans and our good guys trying to figure out those evil plans (And yes, a whole bunch of that rivalry). But these parts were extremely dull and, at points, made me sleepy. Dearly Departed had nonstop action and always kept my interest, Dearly Beloved didn't...
But the WHOLE BOOK was not boring!
It did eventually get interesting (when those plans were put into action). And the fact that it did eventually get interesting, gave it some extra stars! (if it was boring the whole frexing time, it would NOT get that many stars!)
I must admit though, Dearly Departed might have done better as a stand-alone (if you exclude the riot scene). But (here's me being even more confusing) now that it has become a series, I wonder if there will be anymore books since there were some unanswered questions...

Thus bringing us to what I call "Jessica giving this book extra points".
While a lot of those points came up from how it finally got interesting, there were other reasons:
1. Dearly Departed. This was an AMAZING book! And since Dearly Beloved is the sequel... that automatically gave it some amazing points!
2. The fact that it is a sequel. For sequels rarely ever live up to the fame that is the 1st book so if this book disappointed me, I do understand.
3. Well... if this ends up being a trilogy then this book is the middle-man (or middle-book!) and as it always is with trilogies... the middle book is the dull-est one. It's like a breaking-point if that makes sense!

IN SUMMARIZATION: This book had it's boring moments but it did get very interesting later on!
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