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It's kind of hard not to love Ruby Oliver. Sure, she has her quirks and sometimes I just want to sit her down and give her a talking to, but most of the time she realizes she doesn't have to blame herself for everything and maybe all the people she thought were awesome might not be so great.

After I started to figure out what happened with Kim and Jackson I just wanted to give Ruby a hug and be all "girl, those guys seriously suck. You do NOT need them." Because really, they do suck.

Another really cool thing (for me, at least) was the Seattle setting. I live here, so it was cool to read about all the stuff I live around. Except, the B&O Espresso is no longer where it used to be, so that's a little amusing to me.

So here's what you need to know:
Ruby is sweet, cute, a little naive, and hilarious.
There are some really sweet guys on the Boyfriend List.
There are some really sucky guys on the Boyfriend List.
Everything isn't always black and white.
Ruby's parents are a pretty big part of her life (and they're a little crazy.)
Dr. Z is kind of awesome.
You should read this book because it's good and you should.

One little aside: I was a little tired of everyone being "shattered." What are they, windows?

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