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You haven't lived until you've read this book!
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This book simply blew my mind! Before I get into my review, I would just like to thank the author, Johan Harstad, for developing such an amazing story line. The plot is absolutely, as stated before, mind-blowing! The imagery, the settings, the characters: OMG! Alright, I really need to stop fangirling over this book. It was SO good, you guys! We follow 3 teenagers who've won NASA's international lottery for a week long trip to the moon in the year 2019. They all have different reasons for going, but when they get there, they realize that they shouldn't have come at all. They're not alone. Something absolutely sinister is wondering the surface of the moon and they can't exactly explain it. Some things I love about this book: 1) The fact that, for the most part, it's realistic (aside from the creepiness on the moon). 2) The characters are very easily like-able. 3) You will most likely NEVER predict the ending. No matter how good you think you are at predicting books, try again sweetheart. This novel will blow you away. I can't really say much more without fangirling about this book. Nobody has truly lived until they have read this book. It's an absolute MUST-READ!
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June 16, 2013
sound like an amazing book
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