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I was so excited when I received the galley of TARNISH. I'd heard rumors that there was a YA historical based on Anne Boleyn's life and to actually get a copy of this book made me jump for joy! I'm a huge fan of the Tudors and anything that deals with King Henry VIII. Let's just say this book exceeding my expectations! It's filled with awesomeness and I hated finishing!

There is so much to love about this story. We get to see another side of Anne Boleyn right when she first comes to King Henry's court. Plus there's another player in the court: poet Thomas Wyatt. He decides to do his own version of My Fair Lady on Anne and transform her from the odd girl amidst all the color of court. She's transformed into the mysterious newcomer with a witty tongue. Anne's popularity blossoms so much that even the king takes notice. In the meantime Anne starts to wonder about what her true feelings are. Sure, she loves the lush surroundings of court but is that where her heart really lays?

Loved this book so much! I have to say I'm now a huge fan of Katherine Longshore. After I read this book, I had to read her other historical GILT which was about Catherine another one of King Henry's wives. TARNISH digs deep into Anne's character and peels back some misconceptions. We are witness to her vulnerabilities, strengths, and even the struggles she has with her heart. This is Anne before her infamous beheading. She reminded me of a girl who 'didn't fit in' and who was misunderstood. For example how others in court look down on her clothing and say she has a sharp tongue. What's fun is to watch her transformation.

The interesting twist had to be poet Thomas Wyatt's twist on the whole My Fair Lady theme. He offers to help make her the darling of court as long as she agrees to be his lover. Both Thomas and Anne find that there is a fine line between what's real and not. I love how the author shows the conflicts both have between this and how hard the decision is at the end. Do you go with your heart? Or go with your destiny?

Lush surroundings and vivid descriptions make this story irresistible. Readers are transported to a time of history where court intrigue and romance came hand in hand. Totally mesmerizing! I couldn't put this book down! A must read for fans of The Tudors and historical fiction.
Good Points
1. Lush descriptions and amazing writing make this story irresistible
2. A must read for fans of the Tudors
3. Readers see another side of Anne Boleyn
4. Court intrigue, romance
5. My Fair Lady take of Anne Boleyn
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June 18, 2013
It sound really good, I want it
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