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The Essence
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Once again we follow Charlaina and her rat pack as they continue their quest for Equality among the citizens of Lidania. But like any quest, Charlie's is filled with many roadblocks: Sabara's essence still lives inside of her, and Charlie's life is threatened by an assassin. And if that weren't bad enough, Charlie has to meet with all of the other queen's of the countries nearby to negotiate better trade for her own country. Can't a girl ever get a break.

The Essence is a good second book not suffering from "middle book syndrome" as most seconds in trilogies. I enjoyed the new character developments, if some were a bit...strange. And the action was as pumping as ever. Although The Essence was a good read, there seemed to be something lacking, almost preparing for the third book. But, as usual Kimberly Derting does not disappoint. So, if you've read the first, then you should read the second.
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