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Okay, I know I'm a little late jumping on to the Mortal Instruments Train, but better late then never, right? After all of the bright and sunny reviews, the upcoming movie release, and of course Cassandra Clare becoming the most popular author, I finally decided to figure out what's up with the half-naked guy on the front cover. And I wasn't disappointed.

The City of Bones is the first in a series about a girl named Clarissa, or Clary for short, who finds out that her family has been keeping a lot of secrets from her. After one eventful (fateful?) night at a club where she runs into people, Shadowhunters, that no one can see, she starts to learn of a world that has been (purposefully) kept from her.

The reason this book is good, and I suspect the series as well, is because of a few key elements. One: the character are beautifully written with their own flare of personality, and their own uniqueness that is sadly not seen as much anymore in the YA world. Two: the detail in the scenery of this new and somehow realistic world Cassandra Clare has created is absolutely stunning. I almost felt as if I were actually in this world, or that it existed somewhere in the real world, and I had just never been. Three: there is constant excitement on every turn of the page that keeps the reader on edge (the good kind of on edge) waiting to see what happens to the characters. Four: there was absolutely no cursing (only the word "cursing", or rhyming of a curse word), or "certain" PG-13 scenes.

But, I have to say some of the stunning revelations the main character made were late in the game and easily predicted.

I have to say, I enjoyed my read, and I'll be picking up the next: City of Ashes.
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