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I loved this book, it was amazing. I liked the story, it was very interesting and kept me interested, which made me want to keep reading it.

Shadow and Bone is about Alina. While she is crossing the fold and Mal, Alina's best friend and crush is attacked and hurt. Alina saves him and passes out. When she wakes up she finds out that she is Grisha, a sun summer which she doesn't believe to be true.

She is then taken to the Little Palace. While she is there she doesn't think that she belongs there and wants to go back to Mal.

Alina and the Darkling get closer through the book and he tells her how he wants to destroy the Fold and how she with help him to do it together with the stag antlers. Though it turns out the Darkling is using Alina and was also the one to create the Fold, which he said he wanted to destroy. Though in realty he wants to control the Fold and he is able to with Alina and the Stag's antlers.

For some odd reason I started to like the Darkling even though he turns out to be the villain at the end. Which made me sad, but I still like him. I loved this Book and I can;t wait to read the second book.
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