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The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler
(Updated: June 06, 2013)
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This was a review that was very hard to write. I had so many feelings while reading this, I felt like none of the words I came up with would do any justice. So I'll do my best at trying to get this right.
The main thing I loved about this book was the characters. They felt so genuine and real. It was so easy to connect with them and feel everything that they felt. The situation with Jude and her father was heartbreaking. Having known someone with Alzheimer's I could connect with her on a deeper level and feel the emotional battle she had within herself. Also, as I'm in love, I could definitely connect to the way that she felt about Emilio. As my mother told me "You can't help who you love. It shouldn't matter about their color or gender, long as they make you happy." In this book, it shouldn't have mattered about his last name. Emilio was an amazing guy. He had his share of emotional baggage, but it truly made him wh he was. He made so many important decisions based on the one thing that happened to him, and it in turn made him a man.
The romance in this story is phenomenal. In no way does it feel rushed or insta-lovey. It actually has a very unique twist to the story, with the Book of Broken Hearts. The Book has been passed down through the Hernandez family and it finally made its way down to Jude. It was a huge part in keeping her away from Emilio, but because of this, it made their love so much stronger.
Overall, whatever you're expecting about this book, don't. It has so much more depth than you think and it will leave you with an unusual heartbreak. The Book of Broken Hearts is a swirling mix of emotions that will leave you with a lot more than you bargained for.
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