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For me, Requiem was a disappointing end to a good trilogy.

I liked Delirium and even loved Pandemonium. Lena had undergone a great character development and newly-introduced Julian was very likeable. I did not really like the character of Alex (her love interest in book 1 who was captured at the end) that much, but he was away the whole of book 2. Lena's life in the Wilds changed her character for the better.

But then Requiem... Of course the previous book ended with Alex reuniting with Lena, while she is now with Julian. The beginning of the book is almost entirely about how Lena is jealous about Alex' new relationship and how she is actually leading Julian on, because she is still in love with Alex. Later fortunately she turned by and got back to her old self, but only after Alex left. This really disappointed me, because Lena had become such a strong character in the last 2 books and this jealous girl was not. The rest of the book was a series of events that showed that rebels were gathering and the government was trying to stop them. Lena's long-lost mother also stops by, but this does not add much to the story.
Of course Alex was not very nice during this book, but what will you expect from someone who has been in prison to save the girl he loves only to find out she has found someone else when he comes back.
Julian is such a great guy, he gave up everything to run away with Lena to Wilds. He is always there for her, he does not deserve to be treated like Lena did. One time she is nice to him and the other she ignores him. This was a bit of a disappointment after their great relationship in Pandemonium, but it was sort of to be expected after Alex returning.
I liked the parts where Hana (Lena's best friend from before the Wilds) was narrating. She gave the reader the opportunity of experiencing the government-controlled cities, not only the Wilds. She has a strong character and she fights back against the Cure.

Then what I most disliked about the book was the ending. I was very surprised when I found out this was the end of the series. The ending was so abrupt, it seemed weird there was no next book.
The whole book the writer has been building up to a conclusion. And exactly when you think all your questions will be answered the book stops. What will happen to Hana, will she escape and will she and Lena live together in the Wilds? Who will Lena choose, Julian or Alex? What will happen to the revolution overall, will the Invalids win? All this was unanswered. Talking about an anti-climax ... The ending of the book kind of ruined the whole trilogy for me. What good is a nice story when there is no actual ending?

So, while Delirium and Pandemonium were great books, Requiem, mostly because of the ending, was not. I would strongly advise the writer to write a fourth book, because I am still full of questions. For now I am leaving it at 2 stars, for the rest of the book was OK.
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