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After reading Pandemonium with that gut-punching ending, I cannot wait to read this book. But after reading some reviews when this was released, all those unsatisfied comments sort of dampen my excitement.

Oliver, once again, amazed me with her impeccable writing style and wonderful prose. She has a way with words. I definitely enjoyed reading the alternate POVs of Hana and Lena, which had a great distinction between the characters. You can definitely see the difference between them. Lena was defiant, stubborn and strong-willed while Hana was confused, guilty but surprisingly calm. I was particularly excited to read Hana’s part, especially now that she’s cured.

All the time I was reading, I was looking forward for the two girls to meet. Well, except knowing Lena’s choice. I was excited to see their reactions and if there still was friendship left between them, even a little. Unfortunately, the moment I’ve been waiting for fell short. Of course I was expecting a sort of dramatic event. They were best friends whose paths were separated after all. But I didn’t feel enough emotions on their scene except when Hana admitted to Lena that it was her who told the Regulators about 37 Brooks. It all felt bland and both of them, although wary of each other, seem nonchalant.

The build up of the war was also well-paced except for some unnecessary filler parts. Fillers are not bad, although I was expecting more action because of the upcoming war against the government. I definitely felt a rush reading those dangerous parts, not just on Lena’s part but also on Hana’s. The latter’s visit at the Crypt was also an interesting point, as well as the use of the story of Bluebeard, which I admit scares the crap out of me.

Also, let’s not forget the boys. Reading the change in Alex was heartbreaking. He was like a lifeless soul that didn’t just change but was utterly broken. And although I wanted Alex, Julian’s moments and his adjustment to the Wilds was something that cannot be overlooked. Almost everything he does, he does for Lena, which is really sweet and adorable. I started to see his perspective and I cannot find any reason to be annoyed.

Who annoyed me? Lena. At the beginning, her choice was indeed obvious but I felt a bit of change in the middle. Her confusion between Alex and Julian was perfectly understandable but I hated the parts where she purposely threw herself towards Julian’s direction whenever Alex does something (ignoring her or having a fun conversation with Coral). There were also times when it feels like she’s choosing Julian’s side because she can’t be with Alex, like he’s her second choice. I thought she loved Julian?

Although I have a love-hate relationship with this book, it was still awesome in my book until the ending. Please tell me that my copy has a missing chapter or that there’s another book coming next year because that was not a freakin ending! I liked the thought of the last paragraphs, about not knowing things, I get it but would it hurt to give a conclusion? This is a conclusion to the series, for Merlin’s sake! With Lena’s internal speech about not knowing things, I expected an open-ending but that wasn’t ending at all. It only gave me more questions which was supposed to be answered and put to rest after reading the last book. What happened to Lena’s family? What happened to Hana? What about Fred? [spoiler] With Lena choosing Alex, I assume because of their exchange of I love yous, how did Julian react? [spoiler] Did Hana and Lena’s friendship stood a chance in the end? What about the war? See, questions.

To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement.
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