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Fantastic Sequel that's just as good as the first!
(Updated: May 28, 2013)
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After reading 'Pushing the Limits', I wanted more. When I heard there would be a sequel, I was ecstatic. When I heard the sequel was about Beth, I was all "meh". Shame on me. When I got my hands on the book, I couldn't wait to start, and when I did, I did not want to put it down.

The plot is heartbreaking. If you've read the first book, you know Beth has a rough home life (to say the least). You know she has issues and she tries to be tough to cover for it. My heart broke for her throughout the entire book. Every time she said "But it's my responsibility", I would should want to cry. Because it wasn't her responsibility to take care of her mom. With the amount of pressure and stress that Beth put on herself, it's no wonder she couldn't just enjoy life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about her character, and let me just say that I really like her now. And I think that is because I understand her better. I know she behaves the way she does. I know why she does the things she does. I did feel really bad for Isaiah though and my heart broke for him. I am excited to read his story in the next book of the series!

Ryan is.....hmmm....amazing. He is the type of high school boy I would've picked myself if I could have. A star baseball player, a great writer, and the best part about him is he is a TRUE gentleman. *sigh* I simply adored his character. I'm so grateful that this book includes both Ryan and Beth's POV's. Trust me, you will love him.

I really appreciated the struggle that both characters had with trusting each other. I think that's something a lot of relationships struggle with. Giving yourself to someone (not just in that way) can be difficult. And I thought Ms. MsGarry did a great job of writing that out. I feel like these characters just live in the next town over. A wonderful sequel, that honestly might be a bit better than the first. And I loved the first book!
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