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Did this book just made me cry at 4 in the morning? Wow, I think it did. A poignant tale about two people with a painful past who's craving for normalcy. And I think McGarry did a great job with this.

The only thing that kinda bothered be at the first few chapters was the fast attraction Echo and Noah felt for each other. No, it wasn't love and I'm glad they were able to hold it until the latter part. But the I-can't-get-you-out-of-my-head feeling seems fast after sharing a meeting or two. I expected more interactions between them before entering this denial stage to back it up but other than that, I have no problem with this story. It was great, really.

Echo and Noah were typical protagonists. They had issues they're trying to hide from the world except from those who are really close to them. There are people that they assumed were out to ruin their lives only to be proved wrong. They were madly in love but were too dumb to let each other go think it's for the best. It's pretty much cliche so maybe some of you are asking why did I like the story... Individually, they were what readers expect them to read. But together, they were brilliant. I don't know how McGarry did it but she combined two ordinary characters and formed an amazing couple you can't help but put your bets on.

The build up towards their personal struggles was good. It was placed at the right places in the story and the other parts didn't felt like they were just fillers. Although their interaction with other people except Mrs. Collins weren't that much, other minor characters were still significant and wasn't just like those who were there to make the scene right. They needed to be there to make everything perfect and they were involved.

I wish we had the chance to meet Aires though. I'm pretty sure everyone would love him. I wish other characters especially Luke and Grace were also given more depth. I really want to know more about Grace's bitch attitude because sometimes, I think she cares.

The change in POVs were also great and gave us a chance to know more each character. I really love to see the difference on how both POVs were written and I personally love Noah's.

I'm sure Echo and Noah will get under your skin as soon as you start reading this. Just be prepared to feel the emotions McGarry made her characters felt as well as her readers.
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