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I'm going to do everything in my power to keep myself reigned in and keep this review short. That is hard for me to do with Ms. Hawkins's books. For me, I thought this was a great conclusion for the Hex Hall books. I have to limit what I say so I don't give things away.

The book picks up around where Demonglass left off. Sophie had left to go find her mother. Cal had told her that her mother was with the Brannick's *a group of monster hunters* so that's where the story picks up. She finds that she doesn't know where her father, Cal, Archer, or Jenna are. It was a bit of a pickle. Plus, she is a demon looking for her mother with a group that tends to hunt demons. It had all the makings for a horrible situation. Waiting for Sophie though is a very interesting discovery. It definitely threw me for a loop.

The characters, as always, are incredible. Sophie's sarcasm and snark are irresistible for me as a reader. I just want more and more. I thought this was one of the funniest of the books. It also was action-packed, full of twists and turns, and kept me on my toes. The love triangle between Cal and Archer was really hard for me because I really loved both of them. Sophie does make her choice though.

There was something really sad that happens in the end though. Really sad. The last few pages did help me get closure on the series. All in all, the book is an awesome conclusion to an awesome series.
Low Points: While the book was action-packed, at times it just felt too rushed. There was a particular scene at the end of the book that was this huge action scene and a huge part of the plot. It took up only about five pages. That's just crazy. I also did not like how the love triangle was solved in the ending. I felt incredibly bad for the one not picked.

High Points: The humor, of course. Sophie is such a kick-butt character, and she is loyal and willing to get herself into all kinds of problems. Jenna and her friendship with Sophie is one of the best bff-relationships ever.

Who Should Read It: Readers who still haven't finished the Hex Hall series should jump on that.
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