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(Updated: May 20, 2013)
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Sand, surf, boys, roller skating and all the 80's music I can handle? Yes please. (I have not heard Scritti Politti's, "Perfect Way" mentioned in years! I was beginning to think I had imagined the 80's awesome that was that song!)

This is told from alternating POV's and while I enjoyed that aspect, I also found it difficult to decipher between Skye and Seth's voices at times. Skye is young and completely focused on love. (A little too much in my opinion.) She meets Seth and even though they don't see each other much in the beginning, she's convinced he is her soul-mate which felt an awful lot like insta-love. Skye also becomes the one who sacrifices time with family, friends and school to be with Seth but when her parents point out how unhealthy that is, she chalks it up to being in love. Skye even goes as far as choosing a college based on how close she'll be to Seth.

It isn't until three quarter's of the way through the book that these two are forced to deal with the realities of a relationship and even then they don't handle it in the most mature way - not that I expected them too, but still.

Seth is a hard working nice guy with good intentions who loves his family and Skye. He's had a rough go at love in the past but thinks Skye could be the girl to change all that.

This is heavy on the soul-mate HEA and light on the reality of love.
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May 20, 2013
I hear such good things abut Susanne. To me she sounds similar to Sarah Dessen
June 02, 2013
I haven't read this as of yet, but it sounds like the idea would have worked a little better with younger MC's. I feel like one-sided insta-love/infatuation (your review makes it seem that way, at least) is believable for a 15 or 16 year-old. I would hope by college age they'd be a little more mature, though.
2 results - showing 1 - 2