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When radioactive poisoning was a huge threat during the Cold War, people started taking a little blue pill called Radiasure. The thing about this whole pill is that it started causing mutations in DNA. It wasn't seem much at first, but when a generation started to having children with strange features like pink skin or weird hair or special abilities, the effects became more apparent. After a time, it became even more and more obvious. Now people liked to use Radiasure to increase their power. And just like any kind of drug like that, power becomes wrapped up in the pills.

Powerful criminals then start manipulating the people with special abilities and fighting for control of the pills. Fiona's father is one of the biggest crime lords, and she was born as the first invisible person in the world. Sadly, that makes her a pawn in her father's hands. I mean an invisible person is every crime lord's dream come true. Her father's ability is that he is able to pretty much make women do whatever he wants them to do. Which makes manipulating Fiona and her mother, a telekinetic, so much easier.

Living as a pawn of her father, she didn't exactly live a normal life. When her mother decides that she really wants to escape, Fiona has to learn how be normal. It's not really easy to be normal when you are invisible. I mean I'm sure it would seem weird seeing a walking set of clothes. Plus, being the only invisible person in the world and the daughter of a well-known criminal tends to follow her.

The story was quite interesting. I know that there were a couple of things that bothered me while I read, but the story really was captivating. The friends that Fiona makes in her learning to be normal, as normal as you can be when you are invisible, are incredibly interesting. I really enjoyed getting to know them. Fiona's two brothers were interesting as well. Graham was a jerk and Miles was wonderful. And the boy that Fiona ends up falling for has a power that is just what Fiona needs.

I found that the novel was well-thought-out and quite interesting. I love reading books about people with super powers. Some people might get all focused on the science, but that's never really been a problem for me. I found Transparent to be funny, with sweet and sour moments, and a concept that I found incredibly interesting. Granted, I was just looking for some light reading. It was what I needed at the time.
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