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Endure the last of the need series
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I have loved the need series ever since the first book and each book on. In Endure, Zara goes through quiet a bit with the whole apocalypse thing and trying to get the pixies, were's ,and humans to work together,while being the pixie queen, and of course the wonderful Astley. There is a lot Zara has to go through in this last book.

I was so happy when Zara picked Astley over Nick. I never liked Nick for some reason that I don't know. In the book when Nick found out that Zara was a Pixie he wanted nothing to do with her. Then,when she was changed back into a human he wanted her back made my perspective of Nick even worse.

But, when Astley was introduced in the second book he was my favorite character in this series. When Zara was turned back into a human in this book, Astley still loved her and didn't care if she was human or pixie but, he didn't want to turn her back into a pixie again.

I have loved this whole series, and the pixies are awesome. And, I am happy that Zara is the Pixie Queen to Astley's Pixie King.
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