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There were aspects of Purity by Jackson Pearce that I really enjoyed and others that ended up feeling a bit meh to me. I felt like Purity ended on a good note, but there were parts in the middle that felt a bit forced.

For one thing, the main character in Purity – Shelby, was SUPER dedicated to keeping these promises to her mom. But it was so clear that her mother would have never meant for any of these things to happen and Shelby was taking the whole thing to an unnecessary (and sometimes dangerous) extreme.

Also, I was completely unable to justify Shelby’s reasoning at all for trying so hard to find a guy to just get her virginity over with. I am not a prude by any means, but damn girl needed some self respect.

That being said, I did appreciate Jackson Pearce’s approach to the issues presented in Purity. Religion and sex and family are all very important discussions that need to happen in any teen’s life and I thought Jackson Pearce’s approach was very non-preachy, which was refreshing.

I really did enjoy the majority of Purity. Despite those red flags, I liked the family dynamic between Shelby and her father and seeing them try to figure out how to communicate. I thought that was extremely realistic and a bit moving in the end.

While I did have some issues with Purity by Jackson Pearce, I thought it was an enjoyable read focusing on issues that need to be discussed in a refreshing way. Give Purity a looksie if you think it’s up your alley!
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