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Hobbitsies Reviews: Rocky Middle, But It Picked Up!
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Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves started out pretty rocky for me, I must say. I felt sort of dropped into Abbie’s world and there were new characters thrust at me left and right, and I was just so confused by what was going on in Ripper.

That said, I did like the various assortment of characters, especially the males. I was worried when Ripper first started because it was quickly obviously that some sort of love triangle/square would form, and even though that was accurate, I liked something about each of the male characters and they all had an interesting backstory.

As for Abbie, I pretty impressed with her character overall. She didn’t back down from a challenge and even though she was the typical swooning damsel-in-distress at som points in Ripper, for the most part she was able to handle things with a firm grasp, so to speak.

Even though I was confused at first with Ripper, the story definitely got a little intense and high-stakes eventually and I was more gripped by the story than I was at the beginning, so that I flew through the ending fairly quickly.

The beginning to Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves was pretty rocky and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the story, but once I was able to push through to the middle, Ripper definitely picked up for me, although it still wasn’t one of my favourites. If you are particularly interested in Jack the Ripper legend, I recommend checking Ripper out and seeing what you think about this take!
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