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My City of Lost Souls Review
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This book left me unhinged! I felt that this was the one book in the series so far I had to push through. So why did I rate it a four star? The story line is amazing! With that being said, I cannot grasp the reason Clare would ruin this with the perversion of this book. I was extremely put off with the relationship Clary and Sebastian had in this book. It was just uncomfortable to read. Along with the fact that Clary never seems to think any of her “plans” through. I just hate to see people run head first into things. I feel that this book took away from the series. I lost the things I fell in love with in the book: Jace, Clary’s relationship with Jace, and Alec and Magnus’ “love at first sight”. Jace became and obedient lapdog, his relationship with Clary was a perversion, and Alec and Magnus are becoming extremely distant (not to mention the heart wrenching situation they end up in at the end…). Clary is also being quite unbearably gullible. The tables have turned in this book and Simon seems to be the “hero of the day”. The darkness is coming and time is running out for everyone. Will their efforts be enough in the end?

Jace has become bonded with Sebastian (Jonathan). Whatever they do to one effects the other. The Clave calls off the “hunt” for Jace which of course forces Izzy, Alec, Magnus, Simon, and Clary to form their own search team. Like always, Clary makes a reckless decision to try out one of her plans and the search for an answer is on. The book focuses around finding a way for them to release Jace from his soul bound hell, and on putting a stop to whatever plan Sebastian (Jonathan) has come up with. The end result? Well you will just have to read to find out. I am just a little put off that we have to wait a whole year to find out what finally becomes of our duo. Will Simon and Izzy hit it off? Will Luke and Jocelyn finally get married? Will Maia and Jordan make it last? What will become of Alec and Magnus? Guess we will just have to wait in anticipation for the final book to hit shelves.
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