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I was hoping that the reason I couldn't really get into The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter was because of my mood while reading it. However, after reading Goddess Interrupted, I think I've finally come to the conclusion that the series isn't for me.

I enjoyed Goddess Interrupted a good deal more than I did The Goddess Test. There was a lot more going on in terms of action and suspense. And I love a good fighting scene or two, which Goddess Interrupted had plenty of, that's for sure.

But I just couldn't connect with Kate. She was so up and down and mopey and whiny about Henry that I wanted Calliope to kill her. Again. She just doesn't seem to have much of personality. She's strong-willed and determined...except for when it comes to Henry, and then she just sort of rolls over. And Henry! Ugh! They just needed to sit down and have a damn conversation.

I actually did tear up towards the end of Goddess Interrupted when Kate was having an extremely sad moment, though. So that's a bonus.

And the ending. I just can't. There's a huge bomb dropped and ends. Which I kind of expected - the cliffhanger ending, not the bomb.

But guys, this is just my opinion. While I've come to the conclusion that Goddess Interrupted and The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter just aren't the books for me, if you really enjoyed The Goddess Test, I definitely think you should keep going with Goddess Interrupted.
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