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Hobbitsies Reviews: Very interesting story, a bit meh romance
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A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink was completely different than what I was expecting. The concept was super interesting and I really enjoyed the fast paced story, although I never really connected with the characters.

I think it's super hard to create an original and interesting story involving angels lately, but Michelle Zink totally did it with style. I loved the idea of Keepers and the wraiths and the light jumping and all the various things that went into the angelic beings that Michelle Zink presented us with.

And A Temptation of Angels is action packed. Even though it's like 400+ pages, it actually goes by pretty quickly and it starts off with a bang too. There were some parts that a dragged a little but overall, the story was interesting.

I was a bit meh on the characters and romance though. Well, mostly the romance. I liked Griffin at first, and I liked Raub at first too, but then when the love triangle started appearing, I wanted it to stop.

Because the only boy I wanted her with was, of course, the one who would never be involved with her. SIGH. And also it was a bit too quick in my opinion, but I think things were a bit different in the time period A Temptation of Angels took place.

I was also a bit disappointed by the lack of setting. A Temptation of Angels took place in LONDON. YAY LONDON. But for the first 300ish pages, the story basically rotated between four different settings with no major descriptions of London, which made me a bit sad.

But, despite my qualms about the romance and the lack of setting description, I did enjoy the originality and quickpacedness of A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink. I'll definitely be picking up the sequel, if there will be one - anyone know?
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