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Kady Cross does it again! Thrilling read!
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If you have read my previous two reviews from The Steampunk Chronicles, you know I'm a huge fan of the series. So, when the third installment found it's way to my door step, I was incredibly ecstatic. Once again Ms. Cross delivers. When I first read The Girl in the Steel Corset (the first book) I finally got Steampunk. I understood it. Now I am addicted, and I can honestly say that this is my favorite Steampunk series. Ever. If you have not read the second book of the series yet (The Girl in the Clockwork Collar), you may want to do that before reading my review. My review may have some spoilers if you have not read book 2.


Let's move along to the characters. This book centers more around Emily, which I love. Emily is not only a strong, brilliant and brave woman, she is an outstanding friend. I really enjoyed reading more about her and this book only made me love her character even more. Finley is back, too, of course. I adore her character. I love how strong (literally!) Finely is, and I have thoroughly enjoyed her character growth throughout the series. Jack Dandy makes a few appearances. Oh how I love a bad boy. I really enjoy Jack's conversations with Finley and love the depth his character brings to the series. Since Emily is the main focus on this book, Sam is obviously in it more as well. Though his character can be a bit rough around the edges, his love for Emily and his protectiveness over Griffin is still going strong. Which brings me to Griffin. I simply adore Griffin. His character is going through some stuff in this book, and it pained me to read it, but I'm glad it was in there. That's all I'll say. There is a new character, Mila. Her character was both frightening and heart warming. I think you'll understand what I mean once you read the book! Of course there are foes to be reckoned with through the book as well.

This book was fast paced and I was never bored. I enjoyed reading about how the relationships are progressing, after all, this is book 3! I will say there is some extra Finley and Griffin time which I really appreciated. Did I mention how I love Griffin?!

I thought this book was thought provoking and eerily spooky with the automatons that are in it. They are becoming more and more life like and it's extremely scary to even think about it. And I found myself actually becoming attached to one of them, which was really surprising to me. I will say that I was getting worried upon reaching near the end of the book because there seemed to be a lot left to the story and I didn't think it would all fit in the last few pages. Then I found out there is a 4th book! I was delighted to find that out and cannot wait for the 4th installment! This is a wonderful addition to the previous books and if you enjoyed the first two, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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