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I am a massive fan of Terra Elan McVoy's books - they're relatable and realistic and fun and moving. So was I a little bit worried at first before I started Criminal. I knew right away that it was going to be vastly different from her previous books and I was nervous that I wouldn't like it as much.

But you guys, Terra Elan McVoy nailed Criminal. It's such an emotionally-wrought story full of bad decisions and confused characters and my heart just ached as I flew through it. I was frustrated and shaking my iPad and crying and gah. Criminal brought out all the emotions.

Criminal had a plot - one that was upsetting and interesting, but for me it was all about the characters. It was about Nikki and all the people in her life. Each character was interesting and raw and real and they all really affected Nikki and her future in their own way.

And god, don't even get me started on Dee. It was stunning to see Nikki interact with him and her thoughts about him and how blind she was - and to know that this happens. This kind of passion, obsession, blindness, naivete happens all the freaking time. But Terra Elan McVoy did it in such an amazing way - she portrayed it so well.

I definitely recommend picking up Criminal. I cannot say enough excellent things about it. It made me bawl and hug my pillow and just feel all the things for Nikki. She made so many bad decisions, but she was still so inspiring and moving.

Criminal is not an easy story to stomach, but one worth definitely worth reading. Terra Elan McVoy really impressed me with Criminal and I can't wait to read the story she tells next.
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