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I'll admit, I started reading Save the Pearls after seeing some of the negative press about the novel; I'm not one to pass judgment when I don't have all of the facts. But once I started reading Revealing Eden, it took me less than a 100 pages before I realized my hand was over my mouth, as I was gasping at each new action-filled page.
Foyt's post apocalyptic universe creates stunning visuals and delivers a dystopian world different than anything YA fans could have ever imagined. Unlike other YA novels, Save the Pearls' world isn't struggling because of a lack of resources, they are struggling from a depleting population and a society that can no longer survive above ground. Foyt brings Darwinism into a realistic light, as "The Heat" slowly kills off Caucasians, forcing humans to be divided by race, as if they were different species. She put a futuristic, eye-opening spin on this dystopia that plagued my mind for weeks.
Eden's internal struggles and paralyzing fear of the world around her rings true for many of my fellow introverts. Her sudden bursts of self-confidence are reminiscent of any pubescent teen who has stumbled upon a little faith in themselves while struggling to find their place in the world. When Eden finally found her footing and realized that the key to true beauty was within herself, and real love couldn't be found until she accepted who she was as a person, I was moved to tears.
Revealing Eden truly teaches the lesson, don't judge a book by its cover (or reviews). Don't let the negative press deter you. I guarantee most have not taken the time to experience this wonderful novel. Revealing Eden was a truly inspiring novel, and I can't wait to read what happens in the sequel.
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