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Beta surprised me a bit. I'd heard next to nothing about it, so I wasn't really expecting much, but I ended up really enjoying it. And don't underestimate the contents by the cover. It gets a little dark at times.

Some people may get a bit annoyed by Elysia's constant questions, but it felt natural to me. I mean, she wakes up knowing nothing besides what her info. chip tells her. I found it a bit amusing when she'd get hung up on phrases we use all the time, taking them literally. Even "whoa" surprises and confuses her.

I found it a bit difficult to get into at first. Everything was just so perfect and slightly boring, but in the end I think Cohn did a great job of transitioning from introduction to the world to problems in paradise. Elysia slowly starts questioning whether she wants serve these people and whether what she's feeling are truly emotions or not. I loved how Elysia slowly started gaining her own personality. I didn't even really notice when she switched over from clone thinking to her own thinking.

The setting was interesting. It's not overwhelmingly futuristic (not that it would bother me if it were) and it slowly leaks details about the world into the story. The story and characters more than make up for the fact that we see the island of Demesne and only hear about the rest of the world. I'd still like to learn more about Biome City, the dessert settlements, the flooded cities, and the space colonization.

I was really drawn into the last half of the story. Things start happening quickly and I didn't see some of those twists. I did, however, see Alexander twist from the start. That was okay, though. I feel it didn't detract much from my enjoyment of the story, though, and the twist in the end made up for it since it totally caught me off guard.

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