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All right, all right, all right, stay on your seats please. I was excited to read the second book. I placed this book on hold and had to wait for weeks to get it. I seriously hate that I wasted my energy for this. The first 50 pages were okay, then the author kept rambling on and on and on. This book had very few dialogue, it seems kind of weird when I put it like that. Katniss was just annoying. She simply couldn’t make up her mind about who she loved and she was a coward. I admit, only 2 chapters had me off the edge of my seat. I did not want to put it down and I didn’t want to go to sleep. Then the story just…. falls off from there.

Catching Fire. Where do I begin? The Capitol is pissed about the fact that Katniss rebelled against them. President Snow pays a little visit and tells her he knows her love for Peeta is fake; Katniss is trying to keep her calm and says what she did was real in the act of love. ‘Convince me,’ was basically all he says. He threatens her and leaves. Katniss runs to Gale about running away and Gale is excited, of course. Then she tells Gale about having Peeta and them join and Gale gets all whiny, talks about having this war with the Capitol like the other Districts and walks away. Next, Katniss goes to Peeta and basically says, ‘Hey, I told Gale to runaway with me but he said no. So now I’m asking you, screw Gale.’ Peeta, being in love with Katniss, agrees.

Suddenly, Gale is caught and getting whipped till the skin on his back is gone. Katniss is screaming and she runs to him. Now the author is going on pages and pages about how Katniss finally makes her decision and chooses Gale and she’s going to stay and fight along side him.

The author rambles on again about nothing — for pages and pages. Then Katniss walks downstairs to watch t.v. and the Capitol announces there’s going to be another Hunger Game for the victors (with the previous ones and the new ones), at this, Katniss runs out the house and starts screaming in some damaged building. She changes her mind again saying she’s going to run away, she doesn’t care about anyone else, she cares about herself now. Now I’m angry. The author repeats the same thing when the runners are eating, having meetings, and wearing amazing costumes that makes everyone go crazy. Katniss starts having nightmares and Peeta comes to cheer her up, she talks about Peeta’s warm body, smooth, soft skin and lips. What a second, Katniss is falling for Peeta? She comes up with a conclusion that no matter what happens, she’s getting Peeta out the Hunger Games alive. You’d say she’s brave, I’d say she’s stupid. Katniss is an uninteresting character.

Anyway, I had to stop reading on 225. I couldn’t go on. So I started browsing through pages and the whole thing seems as though she plagiarised her first book into this one. I flipped to the last page and she’s with Gale and he tells her, ‘Katniss, there is no District 12.’ and the book ends there. I’m afraid to pick up that third book. What else could she possibly write? She should have just finished it all on the second book. I guess you guys can say I’m crazy for disliking this book. So not enjoyable.
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