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This isn't a zombie-fied Alice in Wonderland story, you have been warned. The only thing that's remotely close to Alice in Wonderland is the white rabbit cloud in the sky and the zombie-fied titled chapters (i.e. Down the Zombie Hole, Eerily Curious and Eerily Curiouser, etc., etc). I am extremely disappointed about this. Oh I was so excited! Nevertheless, this was an OK read, but not my cup of tea.

If romance from this novel started so fast like this in real life, I swear we'd all have it. It was unbelievably unrealistic and just... fast. Everyone was irritated that Bella and Edward's relationship happened 'fast', then they'll be even more irritated with this insta-romance. Trust me. At least Bella and Edward started dating 5 months after they'd met; I know for a fact most of you guys would start dating a guy you like in a heartbeat. So there. (Sighs) Alice in Zombieland: even though you had me giggling a few times, crying out from shock a few times, and had me at the edge of my seat a few times, I am still left with bitter disappointment. I do, however, love the fact that this was a clean book (no swearing). I am sorry to say I do not plan on reading Through the Zombie Glass (Such an amazing title! Too bad it has nothing to do with Through the Looking Glass. HUMPH!)

Alice Bell, our protagonist, was not an amiable character. I had no feelings for her at all. In the beginning I already wanted to throw this book in anger because she said she would hate her mother if she didn't let Emma (her little sister) go to her ballet show... like what? She was very pushy towards her mother and father, causing their death including Emma's. That's when she noticed the Zombies. The ones her father has been constantly warning them about. It's the reason he seemed crazy; the reason he wanted his daughters in the house by nightfall everyday; the reason he wanted them trained. Now Alice is only left with guilt and is forced to move in with her grandparents.

Annnnnd that's how Alice and Cole meet. She arrives at a new school, meets new people, and lock eyes with the hottest boy in school - making them see this weird vision of them together kissing and now they want to know each other. Yawn. Aren't y'all tired of reading stories like this? The hottest bad boy never dates a girl in school until a new girl comes along and they fall in love. It's not tiring? It is for me. I will admit it's action packed and that was the only thing enjoyable (hence the reason for my rating). You all might like this and I hope you find it more interesting than I did.
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