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(Updated: April 30, 2013)
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I enter Everneath with high expectations. I was absolutely excited to read this. Unfortunately, I was left, after reading 173 pages, being disappointed. Everneath wasn't what I expected. When I see the tags under Greek Mythology, I think Loki, Zues, Nike, etc., but all I received was a remake of the Persephone story. Now they did talk about some Greek myths, but it wasn't what I wanted. This book wasn't based on Greek mythology. This book had so much potential, it started off great; Everneath sounds like a badass place.

Nikki is unbelievably selfish, and was a complete angst who couldn't make up her mind. One minute she only came for Jack, the guy who broke her heart -- never mind that she had a little brother and father who went through hell; to thinking maybe she should go back to Everneath with Cole so she wouldn't hurt anybody. I honestly hate feeling that the protagonists is a replica of Bella from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, but sadly I have to place Nikki into the category. Jack was a boring character despite the fact he was labelled as 'the hot jock everyone loves', Nikki's best friend was annoying and Cole was just a creepy; manipulative immortal. I had zero feelings for the characters.

A lot of things in Everneath was left unexplained, it kept jumping off point 80 per cent of the time, the romance was just sad, and this book just held a vague plot. I'm sorry I don't have strong feelings for this like most of you, but I hope to never read this again.
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